moana lani spa - a heavenly spa by Westin
  • moana lani spa - a heavenly spa by Westin
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Experience Yoga with Instructor Matt Meko

For schedule of classes, please contact Moana Lani Spa at 808.237.2535.

About Instructor Matt Meko

In 2001, Matt began his formal yoga teaching education with Ana Forrest, Andrey Lappa, and Shiva Rea.  Matt's style of teaching is gentle coaching, based in core strength, powerful, and playful to excite students of all levels to go deeper in their practice, self-esteem, and life.  Since 2003 under his company Mekosun, Matt has assisted individuals and corporations like Starbucks,, and Microsoft with their mind/body Fitness.  Matt currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii where he is honored to learn about and share Aloha.  Find more information on Matt at


Ki Kilo Lani Yoga, 55 minutes

"Ki" is the Japanese word describing a person's "internal force".  "Kilo Lani" means "to reach or look toward Heaven"...Spirit opening style flows gently and keeps the heart pumping for all levels of experience.  Expect the essential yoga workout benefits such as:  strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, joint stability, and relaxation.  Matt will also help you maximize the power of your spirit and anchor your strength within.

Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa: 2365 Kalakaua Avenue,Honolulu, HI 96815 Tel.1-808-237-2535
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